Unlock revenue

Generate $500 of revenue per customer.

A strategic capability

Generate direct and indirect revenue

We can help you develop a rewards program that will generate a significant direct and indirect revenue. Think Flybuys or Qantas Loyalty.

Closed loop

Our programs generate up to $500 of merchant funded rewards a year - these can be closed loop - i.e. customers can only spend with you. This drives a direct revenue impact.

Multiplier effect

Closed loop spend is in effect a discount for customers and will generate a multiplier effect of 1.5-2.5x. So a $100 of customer rewards (merchant funded) could generate $150-$250 of incremental revenue.

Program revenue

We can also provide a revenue share to create program revenue on our acquisition offers. This creates a distinct new revenue stream and can fund dedicated loyalty FTE or create a budget used to fund new customer acquisition.

Indirect revenue

Our programs drive engagement and indirect revenue in a multitude of ways. These are industry and client specific - get in touch to learn more. But as a general principle, it's a highly effective way to monetise your existing customer base.

Loyalty economics reimagined

From cost centre to revenue line

Free rewards

In traditional programs, member rewards (e.g. frequent flyer points) are funded by the operator. In our program, rewards are funded by our merchant partners.

From high capex to low

Traditional loyalty programs come with a large upfront technology investment. Custom development is typically required for general ledger tracking, building into existing data warehouses, customer facing design and app integration. Our microservices cloud platform and API speeds up development and dramatically reduces cost.

FTE Savings

You develop the strategy, we take care of the rest. Traditional staffing costs - partnerships management, operations and payments support are covered in a single monthly program fee at a fraction of the price.


Our focus is driving outcomes for your customers. We do this by continually delivering product improvements and relentlessly growing our rewards network.

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