Rewards API

Deploy our comprehensive end points to effortlessly create user journeys. Our programs are flexible, bespoke and built to your requirements - and underpinned by our headless microservices platform operating on cloud infrastructure with a dynamic load balancing.

Rewards API

Get a notification within <10 seconds of a member making an in-store rewards transaction.

Full API

Comprehensive endpoints - member enrolment, updates, reward accrual, segmentation, transaction history and redemption triggers.


On demand events. Maintain a copy of all information in your data warehouse.

Go live in weeks, not months

Member portal

Customised member portal showing offers, rewards and redemption history, and enrolled cards.

Single Sign On

Deploy our member portal front end within your secure environment to create a seamless user experience.

Push notifications

Trigger rewards notifications in real time from your existing mobile app.


Build custom redemption journeys - cashback, in-Group spend, and frequent flyer points.

Modular building blocks

Our Rewards API is designed to do all the hard work in the background. A wide variety of complex use cases can be readily deployed. Along with our partnerships network, project and operational resources, it’s a comprehensive offering.

Existing customer accounts - we build into your environment so your customer can use their existing member accounts

Scheme integrations - we’re a fintech with integrations into Mastercard, Visa and eftpos

No PI data - our unique architecture means we do not capture PI data for the ultimate in cybersecurity

Build the case

Proof of Concept

We can deploy proof of concepts in <4 weeks to prove technical feasibility, real world usage rates, and inform final stage design.


Number of FTE we can save you from deploying


Number of concurrent transactions per second our servers can support

Get started today

Your comprehensive rewards platform is only a conversation away.


How do your programs work?

Our rewards programs allow your customers to earn rewards just by doing their everyday shopping. Rewards can be provided as a cashback or as credit to spend with you.

We work with your team to develop a bespoke capability. At a high level, we will design and implement something similar to Qantas Loyalty at a small fraction of the cost.

What does “free” rewards mean?

In a traditional rewards program, the operator of the program pays for the rewards (like airline points). Our rewards are paid for by our retail partners. Members can readily earn $500 a year in rewards.

Who is it for?

Large consumer facing organisations - typically with at least 100,000 active customers.

What does it cost?

Please contact our Sales team so we can provide indicative pricing based on your requirements.

What does integration look like?

Our product is integrated into your customer facing channels. We minimise the build effort on your side and can get a program live in as little as 3 months.

Who are your clients?

We operate a successful program for a major financial services organisation. References available on request.

Who are your rewards partners?

We have a rewards network of 2,300 instore locations and 300 online partners. Some of the logos of our major partners can be seen on our home page. 

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Download Our Case Study

Discover how we helped a major super fund engage and reward their members

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