We’re changing the way organisations think about rewards

Covalent is a fintech founded on the premise that rewards should be effortless.

We deliver for our clients through a singular focus on customer experience. We build products that we want to use as consumers - products we would shout about from the rooftops. We nudge the scales in favour of the consumer and help them get what they really want: recognition.

On Partnerships

Partnerships are at the core of everything we do. We partner with consumer facing organisations to help their customers. We partner with retailers to acquire new customers and grow spend. And we partner with some of the largest payment companies in the world to build rewards infrastructure.

Our name draws inspiration from natural science. A covalent bond is the strongest bond between atoms. From disparate atoms it creates physical matter through shared electron clouds. We connect consumer facing organisations and retailers through our cloud platform to create something remarkable. We’re the glue that brings it all together - the ties that bind. That's Covalent.

Our Values

We thrive amidst uncertainty and volatility. Challenges become catalysts for growth. 

Our work is a canvas for craftsmanship.

Simplicity cultivates focus and reveals the essential.

Meet our team

Our Board

Daniel Gunasekera

Daniel is a former strategy director and product manager. He's managed a payments product with 100k customers & team of 40.

Duncan Saville

Duncan is the founder of ICM and Allectus Capital. Allectus is a $200m fund with investments in Afterpay and ShopBack.

Pierre de Villecourt

Pierre is the Head of Fintech at Allectus Capital. He is a seasoned technology investor and CIO with decades of experience.

Paul Harapin

Paul is a well known financial services executive. He is the Head of Asia Pacific & Japan for Stripe, a $95bn fintech.

Justus Hammer

Justus is a successful entrepreneur and executive. He is the founder of Spreets and founder & CEO of the ASX listed Mad Paws.

Dean McEvoy

Dean is an experienced entrepreneur, investor and startup advisor. He’s the founder of Spreets and an LP at Blackbird Ventures.

Damien Andreasen

Damien is an accomplished executive and entrepreneur. He leads HiBob in Australia and was the CEO of Lawpath.

Jin Choong

Jin is a seasoned investor and the MD of Caever property group. He's an active member of the Australian startup community.

Michael Pennisi

Michael was the CEO of QSuper, leading a team of 1,200 with $130bn FUM. He led the merger to create ART, the second largest super fund in Australia.