Acquire, engage and retain. Grow FUM by $20,000 per member.


Empower your members to reach their goals

Members earn super just by doing their everyday shopping.

Cashback on everyday spend at retailers in-store & online

Rewards of 1-15%

Cashback deposited as voluntary contribution into member account

A $200 contribution pa for 30 years, in a high growth fund, will generate $20,000 after tax

Differentiate your Fund

Grow brand affinity with clever partnerships

Give your members what they really want - free super - through partnerships with the largest retailers in the country. It's a brilliant way to drive engagement, increase member balances, lift acquisition and improve retention.

Drive engagement

Engage your members whenever they do their everyday shopping. Your members will get real time notifications from your fund when they earn a reward. This is typically 2-3 times a month.

Increase member balances

Members earn hundreds of dollars a year in reward as a voluntary contribution. The compounding effect of these contributions means members can grow their balances by $20,000.

Lift acquisition

Acquire new members with a key point of difference. Unlock member advocacy and organic growth through word of mouth referrals. There’s potential to drive cross-promotions with major national brands.

Improve retention

Our programs provide a strong incentive to stay with the fund. Members will only earn rewards if they stay with the fund - if they switch funds, they lose the ongoing cashback reward.


How do your programs work?

Our rewards programs allow your customers to earn rewards just by doing their everyday shopping. Rewards can be provided as a cashback or as credit to spend with you.

We work with your team to develop a bespoke capability. At a high level, we will design and implement something similar to Qantas Loyalty at a small fraction of the cost.

What does “free” rewards mean?

In a traditional rewards program, the operator of the program pays for the rewards (like airline points). Our rewards are paid for by our retail partners. Members can readily earn $500 a year in rewards.

Who is it for?

Large consumer facing organisations - typically with at least 100,000 active customers.

What does it cost?

Please contact our Sales team so we can provide indicative pricing based on your requirements.

What does integration look like?

Our product is integrated into your customer facing channels. We minimise the build effort on your side and can get a program live in as little as 3 months.

Who are your clients?

We operate a successful program for a major financial services organisation. References available on request.

Who are your rewards partners?

We have a rewards network of 2,300 instore locations and 300 online partners. Some of the logos of our major partners can be seen on our home page. 

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