Free customer rewards. Easy as API.

Covalent unites banks, super funds, and telcos with effortless retailer-funded incentives. Ask your customers to do less and give them more. 

// Reward earned 
   “reward-amount”: 25.52,
   “transaction-amount”: 510.40,
   “brand”: “Forever New”,
   “datetime”: “2023-05-07T11:31:22”,
   “Currency”: “AUD”,
   “auth”: true,                    
   “scheme”: “Visa”,    
   “auth-code”: “zthghghc”,


Help customers with cost of living pressures
Unlock free cashback for customers. Drive front of wallet, MFI and NPS.

Super Funds

Empower members to reach their goals
Drive acquisition, engage members and grow FUM by $20,000 per member.


Give customers what they really want Lower effective prices but maintain margins. Drive acquisition and ARPU. 

Launch in weeks, not months

Iterate at speed

Rapidly launch a next generation engagement and rewards program. Leverage our cloud platform, scheme integrations, partnerships network and customer facing front ends.

Simple, secure and seamless.  

Your trusted partner

Acquire. Engage. Retain.

Free rewards

Customers earn up to $500 a year in cash, funded by our retail partners.

We have 2,300 in-store rewards locations across Australia and 300 leading online retail partners.

Flawless CX

Customers earn rewards automatically. Works in-store - no QR codes or loyalty cards.

We track customers at point of sale using our payments technology.

Your brand, not ours

Customers see your brand, not ours. Fully white-labelled.

We build into your customer facing channels - website, app, customer portal. And we integrate into your data warehouse too.

You define the product strategy. We do the rest.

Product teams: look no further.

We provide everything you need to launch into the hands of your customers. We are an end to end capability. 


General ledger, member segmentation, real time notifications, scalable cloud infrastructure, a customisable customer facing front end + a full API.


Largest instore rewards network in Australia - 2,300 in-store locations and 300 leading online stores.


Cashback directly to your customers, QFF points, closed loop rewards to drive spend to your products - we can do it all.

Project Team

Project resources - PM, backend developers, frontend developers, test managers and Payments SMEs.

Ongoing Resources

Level 2 customer support, operations support, partnerships and account management. There’s no need to stand up a dedicated 10+ FTE team.

Customers demand effortless experiences

Frictionless Rewards

Most rewards programs ask members to shop via a portal - and accordingly they get <10% usage.

We ask members for zero behaviour modification. Just shop instore and online using their everyday payment card.

Rewards accrue as though by magic.


Members engage with our programs 


Members earn a reward every month 


How do your programs work?

Our rewards programs allow your customers to earn rewards just by doing their everyday shopping. Rewards can be provided as a cashback or as credit to spend with you.

We work with your team to develop a bespoke capability. At a high level, we will design and implement something similar to Qantas Loyalty at a small fraction of the cost.

What does “free” rewards mean?

In a traditional rewards program, the operator of the program pays for the rewards (like airline points). Our rewards are paid for by our retail partners. Members can readily earn $500 a year in rewards.

Who is it for?

Large consumer facing organisations - typically with at least 100,000 active customers.

What does it cost?

Please contact our Sales team so we can provide indicative pricing based on your requirements.

What does integration look like?

Our product is integrated into your customer facing channels. We minimise the build effort on your side and can get a program live in as little as 3 months.

Who are your clients?

We operate a successful program for a major financial services organisation. References available on request.

Who are your rewards partners?

We have a rewards network of 2,300 instore locations and 300 online partners. Some of the logos of our major partners can be seen on our home page. 

Get started today

Your next generation rewards program is only a conversation away

Tried and tested

Venture Backed

We’re backed by a leading VC firm, Allectus Capital (early investors in ShopBack and Afterpay), and executives from Stripe.

Proven technology

Our platform is currently used by one of the largest super funds in the country. Our cloud technology is vetted and ultra secure.


We were the first to bring in-store rewards to superannuation. We have the largest payment linked rewards network in the country - larger than any of the big banks.

Covalent case study booklet illustration

Download Our Case Study

Discover how we helped a major super fund engage and reward their members

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