Drive Engagement

Engage your customers with messages they actually want to receive.

Boost your brand

Real time engagement

Drive your brand to front of mind every time your customers do their everyday shopping.

You've got mail

Customers love finding out they've just earned a cash reward. Every time your customers shop at our thousands of rewards locations, they'll get a real time email or push notification.

Strategic partnerships

Find new ways to engage your customers using our extensive partnerships network. It's a brilliant way to partner with the largest national brands in a innovative and cost effective manner.

Drive into app

The program, including real time rewards notifications, are delivered by your app - strongly increasing app engagement. Engage your customers every time they do their day to day shopping.

Engage frequently

Some industries lean towards a set and forget tendency - which results in low engagement, brand awareness and loyalty. Our program drives your brand to front of mind.

Customer experience

Customer engagement journey

Walk into store

Your customer walks into their favourite retailer. It’s one of our partners.

Makes payment

Your customer makes a purchase. No rewards cards. No QR codes. They just checkout as per usual.

Receive notification

They receive a push notification seconds later saying they’ve earned a $20 reward for being a part of your rewards program. The notification drives them into your app.

Redeem reward

Later at home, they decide to redeem their reward to pay for a new product with you.

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