Boost customer loyalty

Incentivise your customers with hundreds of dollars of cashback funded by third party retailers.

The future of loyalty

The future is frictionless

Traditional rewards programs are too hard. They ask too much of consumers and give too little back. We’re here to change that.

10x rewards

Program effectiveness is directly correlated with the value of rewards earned by members. Our programs engage more members, more often by reducing friction - dramatically increasing rewards earned by an order of magnitude.

Churn reduction

Our merchant-funded rewards reduce churn by providing tangible benefits and improve retention. If customers churn, they no longer earn hundreds of dollars in cashback.

Targeted offers

We can develop rewards focused on key customer sub-segments - this is particularly powerful when a customer base is verticalised with distinct spending patterns.

Frequent interaction

Our programs encourage frequent and diverse interactions with your brand, driving positive brand affinity. When customers earn a reward, they get a real time push notification from your app.

Bespoke programs aligned to your strategy

Designed to drive engagement

Encourage depth

Members with multiple products unlock higher reward tiers. Cashback can be used to encourage takeup of more of your products.

Incentivise tenure

Members earn more the longer they’ve been your customer. We can match existing status tiers to drive desired behaviour.

Surprise & delight

The best rewards are unexpected. Members earn rewards without expecting them.

Capture goodwill

Goodwill tends to accrue at the point of reward capture. Point of sale discounts drive affinity for retailers whilst cashback delivers for program operators.

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